What is 1K, 1T and 1M?

Today in this article we are going to talk about what is the meaning of 1K, 1T and 1M. You must have often seen such words on social media or other places. But do you know what is the full form of 1K 1M 15? Or where are they used? 

If not, then stay in this article till the end, because through this article we are going to tell 1k, 1T and 1M Means in Hindi, so let’s start this article without any delay – 

What is the meaning of 1K

In simple words, 1K means 1000 (one thousand). Here the word k is the symbol of Kilo, which originates from the Greek word Khilioi. Which means 1000 (one thousand) in Greek language. This is why today 1000 is represented as ‘K’ all over the world.

The word 1K is specifically used to write numbers. Especially when the numbers are large. For example, to write 1000 words, 1K word is used in short form, which is more easy and convenient to write. 

Where is 1K used

The term 1K is currently used in various places, about which we are going to talk in detail here below. for example –

1. To write numbers 

1k is used to write or represent numbers like 1000 is written as 1k. Similarly, 10,000 is written as 10k and 25,000 is written as 25k. 

2. To write units of measurement 

The word 1k is also used to write units of measurement. For example, 1000 kilograms is written as 1k kilogram. Similarly, the word 1k kilometer is used to write 1000 kilometers. 

3. In Computer Science 

The word 1k is also used in Computer Science. For example, the word 1k byte is used to write 1024 bytes. 

4. On Social Media

The word 1k is often used on social media. As you may have often seen, if a YouTube video has 1000 views, it is shown as 1k views. 

Similarly, when there are 1000 subscriptions on YouTube, they are shown as 1k Subscriber. If the number of followers is 20,000 (twenty thousand) then they are called 20k followers. 

What is the meaning of 1M

1M is called one million. Which is called 10 lakh in Hindi language and it is written in the form of numbers like this ’10, 00000′. This is an international standard, which is used by people all over the world, no matter which country you belong to. It is easier to understand numbers in this form. 

The term 1M is specifically used to represent numbers in short form, especially when the numbers are large. Actually, it takes about 10 digits to write 1 million as a number, but only 3 digits are required to write 1M, hence it is more easy and convenient to write it. 

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Where is 1M used

1M is also used at various places which we will talk about in detail below such as – 

1. To tell the population

Generally the word 1M is used to describe or show a very large population. For example, if the population of a village, city or country is 10 lakh or 50 lakh, then in simple words or in English language it is shown as 1M (one million) or 5M (5 million). 

2. On Social Media

The trend of writing 1M is also seen on social media. If a video has 10 lakh views or 10 lakh likes, it is denoted as 1M views or 1M Likes.

If a YouTube channel has 10 lakh subscriptions then it is also shown as 1M Subscriber. If the number of followers is 10 lakh or more, then they are also reported as 1M or more followers. 

3. To calculate money

The word 1M is used to describe a large amount of money. For example, if we are talking about money at the international level, it is usually called 10 lakh dollars or 20 lakh euros, but it can be called only $1M (1 million dollars) or €2M (2 million euros).

4. To write the unit of measurement

The word 1M is also used to write units of measurement, such as 10 lakh meters (10,00000) can be called 1M meter long. Similarly, 10 lakh square meter can be called 1M square meter (1 million square meter). 

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What is the meaning of 1T

1T means one trillion, which is also called 10 lakh crore or 1000 billion. Here the word ‘T’ stands for trillion which indicates a very large number. Which is written as numbers something like this 1,000,000,000,000 

Where is 1T used

1 trillion is used in various places which we are going to talk about in detail here below like 

1. In measuring numbers

1 trillion i.e. 10 lakh crore is a very large number and is often used to describe objects or events of very large scale. For example, if the estimated population of the world is calculated then it will be called 8.5 trillion i.e. 8.5T.

Similarly, if the mass of the Earth is measured then it will be called 6 trillion tons i.e. 6T ton. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States will also be around Rs 20 trillion (6T).

1K, 1M, 1B and 1T Means

1K1000 (one thousand) 
1M (1 Million) 10,00000 (ten lakh)
1B (1 Billion) 1,000,000,000 (one hundred crore or one billion) 
1T (1 Trillion) 1,000,000,000,000 (ten lakh crores) 

last words

Today in this article we learned what 1K, 1T and 1M mean and where 1K, 1T and 1M are used. We hope that you have understood the information given by us well.

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