Samsung Galaxy S24 Preview

Samsung Galaxy S24 Preview: Samsung’s latest addition to its S lineup, the S24 series, brings forth a range of AI features tailored for daily life. If you’re considering purchasing one, dive into this preview where we delve into the Samsung Galaxy S24, highlighting its specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Preview & Specifications

Galaxy S24 Appearance and Texture

The Galaxy S24 mirrors the aesthetic of the S24 Ultra, exuding a premium and ergonomic feel. With rounded edges and a sleek design, it offers a comfortable grip reminiscent of an iPhone. However, when compared, the S24 stands its ground admirably.

Crafted with a robust aluminum frame and a matte finish, the S24 maintains its sharp appearance without being prone to fingerprint smudges. Color options are diverse, with the purple variant particularly appealing. Additionally, the device boasts durability, thanks to Gorilla Glass Victus on both front and back, coupled with water and dust resistance.

Galaxy S24 Operating System

On the software front, the device runs on Samsung’s OneUI 6.1 layered over Android 14. While the UI remains familiar, it receives subtle enhancements. Samsung’s tendency to preload applications persists, with some proving useful while others appear superfluous. Moreover, the S24 introduces several AI features, with some genuinely aiding functionality, such as the recorder app’s summary tool.

Galaxy S24 Display

Turning to the display, the S24 features a compact 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen. Although not the sharpest available, it delivers vibrant colors and offers an adjustable refresh rate. The stereo speakers impress with their clarity and potency, providing an immersive audio experience. Overall, the display competes favorably with other Android devices and holds its own against the iPhone 15.

Galaxy S24 Performance

Performance-wise, the S24 is equipped with Samsung’s Exynos 2400 processor. While enthusiasts may lament the absence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon, everyday usage remains smooth. However, intense gaming sessions may cause the device to heat up, slightly detracting from the gaming experience. Nevertheless, high-graphic games are playable, with support for up to 90 FPS.

Connectivity remains robust, with fast Wi-Fi and 5G support ensuring seamless connectivity on the go. Storage capacity may disappoint some, offering only 128GB without expandable options.

Galaxy S24 Charging and Battery

In terms of battery, the S24 houses a 4,000mAh battery, sufficient for typical daily tasks. Charging speeds, however, leave room for improvement, with wired charging exceeding an hour and wireless charging exhibiting sluggishness. Nonetheless, Samsung has optimized the battery for both moderate and heavy usage scenarios.

Galaxy S24 Camera

Shifting focus to the camera setup, the S24 boasts an impressive array of lenses enhanced with AI capabilities. AI enhancements work in the background to elevate photo quality, particularly in low-light conditions. The triple camera setup comprises a 50MP main lens, 12MP ultrawide lens, and a 10MP telephoto lens. Noteworthy features include a standout portrait mode, delivering professional-looking results, and solid video recording capabilities with seamless transitions between lenses.

In Summary

  • OS: Exynos 2400 processor; smooth everyday usage with potential warming during gaming; robust connectivity with fast Wi-Fi and 5G; 128GB storage without expandable options.
  • Display: 6.2-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen; vibrant colors; adjustable refresh rate; impressive stereo speakers.
  • Performance: Exynos 2400 processor; smooth everyday usage with potential warming during gaming; robust connectivity with fast Wi-Fi and 5G; 128GB storage without expandable options.
  • Charging/Battery: 4,000mAh battery optimized for regular use; slow charging times (over an hour for wired, sluggish wireless).
  • Camera: Triple setup: 50MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP telephoto; AI-enhanced; standout portrait mode; solid video recording capabilities.
  • Appearance and Texture: Galaxy S24 exudes a premium feel with an iPhone-like design; robust aluminum frame; matte finish; Gorilla Glass Victus; water and dust resistance.

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