Is Windows 12 Coming this year or not?

Microsoft recently announced that the upcoming update for Windows 11 won’t be named Windows 12 as many had anticipated, but rather the “2024 Update.” This decision may have missed an opportunity to generate more excitement around Windows and highlight its AI capabilities. In this article, we’ll delve into the upcoming updates for Windows 11 and why branding it as Windows 12 could have been advantageous.

Big Changes Coming in the 2024 Windows 11 Update

Despite not being branded as Windows 12, the 2024 Update for Windows 11 will bring significant changes:

  1. Enhanced AI Features: The update will introduce various AI features aimed at assisting users in different tasks. This includes an advanced assistant along with improvements such as better voice clarity and automatic super resolution.
  2. Optimizations for Windows on Arm Devices: Windows 11 will cease support for 32-bit Arm apps and undergo optimizations to enhance its performance on Arm-based devices. This move is geared towards making Windows on Arm more competitive, especially against Apple’s Arm-based MacBooks.
  3. Hardware and Software Updates: Top PC manufacturers are set to release laptops equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite chip, designed specifically for Windows. These updates aim to bolster the performance and efficiency of Windows devices.

Why Microsoft Stuck with Windows 11 Branding

Microsoft’s decision to retain the Windows 11 branding instead of opting for Windows 12 likely stems from the desire to streamline support for Windows versions in the long term. Having fewer versions simplifies the maintenance process for Microsoft.

Additionally, since the 2024 update will be pushed to all Windows 11 users, regardless of the name, keeping the existing branding ensures consistency across the platform.

Why Windows 12 Branding Would Have Been Better

However, branding the update as Windows 12 could have garnered more attention and excitement from the public. The name Windows 12 conveys innovation and advancement, signaling a significant leap forward rather than just another incremental update.

Moreover, the timing would have been opportune to showcase advancements like the Snapdragon X Elite chip and position Windows as a strong competitor against Apple’s Arm-based MacBooks.

Why Windows Needs Good Marketing

While the 2024 Update brings valuable upgrades, Microsoft faces criticism for not effectively marketing it as a special and transformative update.

In light of Apple’s dominance in the Arm-based laptop market, Microsoft needs to demonstrate how Windows hardware and software have evolved. Without strong branding and messaging, the changes risk being overlooked as just another routine update, rather than a major upgrade that redefines what Windows can offer.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Microsoft may have missed an opportunity to generate more excitement around the 2024 Windows release by not branding it as Windows 12. The upcoming changes deserve greater attention, especially considering the transformative AI capabilities and improvements for Arm-based devices. It’s imperative for Microsoft to effectively communicate the significance of these updates to ensure that Windows remains competitive in the realm of advanced mobile computing.

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